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Elvie Feliksa  Рbiography

I am grateful for your interest in my paintings. I was born in Pontiac Michigan and am the oldest of 8 girls. I graduated from the University of Detroit in 1969 and was married in that same year. I moved with my husband Mike and two children from Michigan to Scottsdale, AZ in 1982. The warm, dry weather was much better for me, as at that point in my life I had had many knee surgeries partly because of cheerleading and a subsequent staph infection in my right knee which changed forever the course of my life. In 2016 my health made it necessary for me to relocate again to the central coast of California in search of clean air. I had become chemically sensitive, and I was unable to go outside because of the various chemicals used in the environment in AZ. The icing on the cake is that my daughter and her family also had 1 year earlier moved to the same area.

I have been painting in watercolor on and off since 2001. I began painting because the walls in my new house were bare and original art is my favorite. I chose watercolor as my medium because it is safe for someone with chemical sensitivities. I love the peace, abandon, and sense of accomplishment I feel as I create my paintings. My favorite subjects are flowers, landscape and architecture, and I also enjoy drawing portraits.